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Dear Trip Journal

Oh yea of little faith, so you see that I did not really abandon you, free wifi was just a bit scarce at some places and I was too mean to buy WiFi time, but here I am again and signing off from dear old England as we head off to Moscow, wow (I am not too 'worldly' yet to appreciate the significance of a visit to RUSSIA).

The 1645 Bed and Breakfast farmhouse we stayed at in Crosslands, in unspoilt Rusland Valley in the English Lake District between Coniston Water and Windermere was an absolute delight, as were the lovely couple, Anne and Dave whose cottage we were staying in. They also provided a first class English cooked breakfast and plenty of informative Lake District information for 2 very 'otherwise tourists' who wanted to see the Lake District but not the touristy attractions and commercial side of this beautiful area.

Ann advised us of a couple of walks that they do themselves, a little cafe in an out of way area for the best Lemon Meringue pie (yes Mum, Cameron did of course compare it to yours - of what he could remember of your now few and far between Lemon Meringue tarts) and the best part was that it really was off the main road, as were the little country pubs where we refreshed ourselves with local ales and superb pub dinners.

We enjoyed a couple of fairly strenuous walks with beautiful scenery beside streams, up hills for beautiful panoramic views over the lakes. We caught ferries, stopped at lovely pubs (didn't I mention the pubs before somewhere), became lost in laneways and had a great day in the beautiful English Lake District.

After the Lake District, we travelled again off the beaten track through the most beautiful Yorkshire Dales, I love the English farming areas, little old farmhouses, streams, beautifully manicured bright green fields and paddocks with fat healthy looking sheep and cows (why do our Aussie stock always look half starved in their rugged brown fields?), and of course many little pubs (mentioned before) absolutely in the middle of nowhere with so much character and atmosphere, not to mention plenty of more than half decent beer to quench the ever present thirst (eat your heart out Stacky - just the sort of pubs you would appreciate).

We have spent the last 2 nights in a lovely old Inn overlooking the Yorkshire Moors and the little town of Ilkley in the Yorkshie Dales area. We visited Harrogate (an easily forgettable little touristy place) but enjoyed York, altho' went on a 1.5 hour free walking tour which ended up being 3 hours as the tour guide, an elderly gent who had a bad case of verbal diahorea and told us way too many over long, over embellished tales at each point of interest before we could move on.

We loved Knaresborough and enjoyed dinner at a little pub in Skipton when the temperature was still 26 degrees C at 9.00 pm, heat wave for the day.

Today we travelled down to London (or more particularly, Gatwick), the traffic was pretty horrendous as usual for UK motorways, traffic jams all along the motorways, just not fun. However we did stop for lunch at the pretty little town of Guildford which was a welcome break.

I have really enjoyed my time in the UK, the people are great, the food has mostly been really good, the beauty and ambience of the places we have been to just so wonderful in so many ways. A lovely country, tho' obviously hard for the folk who are struggling financially. The care and services for mentally and physically impaired people appear to be more available than in most countries. People seem to be well looked after and on the whole generally happy and contented with their lot in life. Of course the main topic of conversation, remains The Weather around which their lives revolve. They also appear to love to meet Aussies and we have received a warm and friendly reception wherever we have been.

Anyway, the adventure, dear Trip Journal continues and I am so excited about heading off to .... Would you believe, RUSSIA whoooeeee. Have to be at the airport 5.45am tomorrow so I bid you all a g'night as I sign off from the UK.

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