Atlantic Canada by Bicycle 2013 travel blog

Bikes cannot ride across the Confederation Bridge so there is a shuttle service to take them across.

Bud arranged with the bridge crew to be ready for 20 bikes to be transported across at 8:30. There has been inconsistent service in the past so many riders were gone by 7:00 hoping to be first in line. A couple of riders were happy to take their time and found that the breakfast leftovers were just about to be tossed out at 7:20 since it appeared to the cook that everyone had eaten early and left.

I was able to load my bike on a 6 passenger maintenance pick up truck as soon as I arrived. The next bike to arrive filled the truck and we were on our way.

We stopped at Island Chocolates, a specialty coffee and chocolate shop in Victoria by the Sea. That was the best coffee I have ever tasted.

Two unexpected detours. Fortunately the bridge repair was almost done and we were waved through. There aren't many roads here so detours can be very long. The second detour was in the city so it was easy to shift over a block.

Dinner tonight was 4 salmon - each cooked a different way and quinoa salad.

A very pleasant ride today.


80.3km 534 climb

21.8km/hr lap

72.2 max (in pickup truck)

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