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Our Backpacker hostel..well almost..

Where is everyone..well it is winter I suppose.

We woz 'ere

Found a little bar we liked

But is it art?

A winters day

Just the best Fish & Chips in Australia(Apart from Seagulls)

Sunset over Pervelly Beach, nr Margaret River

Just us

Just can't help getting into trouble with the law!

So we have finally made it to the biggest land mass of our trip so far..Australia. Someone could've told us how big this place was, it feels as though you drive the length of the UK and don't get anywhere.

Right so here we are in Perth and are very fortunate enough to have friends Neilo & Lizzy(all Ozzies add O's or Y's on the end of their names & sentences) in Freo(Fremantle), where we stayed for a few nights, very nice and just 5 minutes walk into the centre of town.

We had a fab time here and Freo is a very nice happening little place by the sea with plenty to do and see. Great brewery called Little Creatures, fabbo beer and I have been educating the Aussies up North about it, as they have never heard of this place, maybe I should get a job in PR with them?

After a few nights in Freo we hired a car and headed down South to Margaret River, which is just the best place we have come across on this land mass so far.

You know us, refined luxury is what we're all about, so with quaint little B&B's, wineries galore and just stunning coastline, as you can imagine we were quite at home here. Shame we had to move on, but needs must. The whole area down here is just fantastic.

We also headed further South to some amazing forests, where you can climb the trees and do some cool treetop canopy walks, which of course we did, everything is that little bit more civilised in Australia compared to Asia, so a little less daring, well so far anyway.

Unfortunately for us, Yes it's my fault all that driving as given us a little setback where I have slipped a disc again and had to quick trot it back to Perth for some emergency Physio, which was a real shame, as we were having a ball down here, but can't be helped I suppose.

Once we returned we were again fortunate enough to have somewhere to stay in Freo and then also in the Bling part of Perth, Hilary's Harbour, with some friends of my brothers from Dubai, Sally & Troy and the kids. Stayed with them a couple of nights in the Pool House no less! Had a very interesting couple of nights with them drinking wine etc.. Also made our way down to the Aquarium which was pretty cool.

The time had now come to make our way North to the sunshine and start the roadtrip from Darwin, see you there!

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