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The day started cool (8C), calm, and sunny.

We were treated to 500m of climbing in the first 20 km with a km or two steady at 10%. Since we were fresh and the weather was perfect, the climbing was not a chore. I'm very happy with the gearing on the bike - it is ideal for this terrain. The added weight of the new fork doesn't seem to be a problem.

I stopped for a photo of the sign marking the crossing of the highest point of the mountain range we were crossing at 336 meters. Just ahead of me, Dave stopped to change a leaking tire. He was waiting for me since he knew my pump would get his tires to the pressure he needed for the upcoming descent into the Bay of Fundy at Alma. It was a fast descent on a bumpy winding road. We were travelling 70-75 km/hr so good tires and brakes were essential. It was just about high tide when we hit Alma.

A 25-40km/hr tail wind picked up and pushed us along the Fundy coast for about 1/3 of the day. As we turned up the Petitcodiac river toward Moncton the wind became a cross wind but didn't slow us down too much. Each time the bay came into view as we travelled from Alma, the amount the water had receded as the tide pulled out was noticeable.

Tonight we stay in a hotel so we have a bit of luxury tossed in. The dew was very heavy in the morning so the tent flies were drenched. Since we were indoors, a towel drying was needed.

Prime rib and scallops for dinner at a local restaurant. After dinner a few went down to see the tidal bore come up the Petitcodiac as the tide came back in.

Two riders planned to ride only to Moncton so they bid farewell.

Stats for today

125 km

1578 m of climbing

76.1 max speed

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