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We are off..

This rock reminds me of scrambled eggs. Kotlen pointed it out to...

Brother-in-law, Wally & my sister, Linda

Baby bristlecone pine cone

Makaila & Kolten pictured with a twisted dead bristlecone pine

Loose gravel on the trail up

Noah waiting on the rest of us


Liked the effect

The valley beyond a twisted bristlecone pine tree

Kolten checking out a little bristlecone pine tree

Leaning to the left. You can tell which way the wind blows...

Kolten reached the top

What a bunch! Glad they went hiking with me.

The forest below

Another view from the top

Interesting wood design

Partially dead, but has put all its energy into one side and...

Kolten building a cairn on the trail

They stopped and turned around to get their picture taken

This one was unique in coloring

The sheep herder came to check us out.

It has been awesome having my family visit. Today is our last day together, so we did a little off-roading to get up to theTwisted Forest. I wanted to share this unique forest with my sister & her family. Hiked my niece & nephews all the way to the top so they could get a different perspective of Cedar Breaks Amphitheater. With all the rain we had, I think my family brought it with from WA, the trail was loose and we really had to pay attention to our footing. Of course, we almost get all the way back down and I do a very graceful slip and fall. I wasn't hurt, nor was the camera. Leave it to me!!!

On the road back we encountered a flock of sheep. There were hundreds on the hillside. Of course, there is always a few that have to stand in the middle of the road. The sheep graze all around the National Monument on U.S. Forestry land. A couple more weeks and the sheep will be rounded up and taken to lower ground.

Thank you family for a great day and visit. We love you!

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