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Everyone a little slow this morning so it was around 11.00 before all ready to make a move.

Megzy had very cleverly downloaded a cd of an audio tour of Hollywood which we decided to try out. Guy rambled on a little in the introduction but was somewhat vague when it came to actual directions. From prior visits Megzy managed to navigate us to Paramount Studios where we again tried out the audio tour. The guy just waffled on continually that it would have been better at walking pace. By the time we had done several blockies and made our way back he was just starting on about the gates etc.

Gave that idea the big heave ho and we spotted the Hollywood sign which Carly wanted a photo of. Did a short drive around the streets on the hill and found a great vantage point to take good photos of the sign.

Now on to Beverly Hills for a bite to eat before tackling Rodeo Drive and the Beverly Wiltshire a la Pretty Woman. Found a Quiznos for a quick chicken wrap etc. It was at this point that Carly admitted that she felt pretty damned awful and made a visit to the ladies room. She was definitely not well and we decided to go back to the hotel and despite her protests not to worry about Rodeo Megzy did a quick drive up to it and along past the major shops Carly had been dying to see. Even had time at a red light for her to hop out and have her photo taken under the street sign. Such a pity she couldn’t take a wander but she was adamant she needed to go back for a rest.

Having dropped Carly and Taya back at the hotel, the three of us decided to make another trip to the nearby Ross store to check for more bargains and to the Off Broadway Shoe Outlet just up the road. Also took the opportunity at the Starbucks across the road to add a Los Angeles mug to Megzy’s collection of “Where Am I Mugs” that Starbucks produces for all major cities around the world.

Success for us at Ross yet again but no luck at the shoe store. Feeling a little weary by now at 6.00 pm we made our way back to the hotel for the evening.

Time to wash some grubby clothes for the rest of our stay. Had to battle the traffic lights across North Highland amidst concert traffic for the Hollywood Bowl to buy some detergent but made it in one piece.

As I got back to the hotel, Carly, Irene and Taya were just heading out for a walk along Hollywood Boulevard so Taya could meet some of the characters gathered there. They had dinner at Hard Rock Café and then took a look through Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Would have been good to go but already seen the Museum in London and the visiting one in Melbourne some years ago. Instead it was time to repack my cases and get prepared for a 7am alarm in the morning for the drive down to San Diego and over to Tijuana. If time allows, we will call at Seaworld in the afternoon. Another day bites the dust!!!!!

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