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Up at 7.30 to meet at 8 for breakfast. All a little bleary eyed after a late night but we will manage. Only a quick 15 minute drive into the hills to Universal Studios. Being a good girl today and hiring a mobility scooter. Glad we got there early as I got one of the first scooters to go out and it proved a back saver.

Some very excited travelers entered the park after the obligatory picture under the Universal globe out front. Megzy was rapt when the Keystone Cop just inside the gate said hello then said “I found him!” in reference to her small Wheres Wally tattoo behind her ear!!! Hired my scooter and away we went – decided to do the backlot tour first up and down to the scooter and wheelchair line where it was easier for us to board. Got some bellyaching laughs from the crew as I battled with the scooter to get into the lifts. They wanted me to back in so I could drive out so did a wheelie and crashed into the cement wall outside the lift area. From thereon in, they were warning everyone about my driving skills. However, I soon learned that it was easier for me to drive in, straighten the wheels and just back out of lifts. I cannot twist enough to turn when reversing so they could at least tell me or not if there was anyone in my way. The backlot has changed a few things since my last visit – the volcano tube is now a King Kong Skull Island fight between Kong and a t-rex and there is now a War of the Worlds display of a crashed 747 in amongst houses. I was quite surprised that they actually filmed Desperate Housewives in the backlot there as well in the neighbourhood houses section. I will have to go back home and watch an episode to check it out. That was good to get the tour done first up so we had the rest of the day to plan which rides.

Next up we did the Shrek 4D and once again I was able to go in to a special area on the scooter so I didn’t have to sit in the chairs that jerked and moved. Enjoyed that as well, especially the squeals from the girls when the hairy spiders supposedly ran past their legs!!!!

The Simpsons ride was next on the agenda so it was a park in the shade for me while the others took a couple of rides on that one. No good for me as it apparently jolts and jerks around a lot.

Now back down to the lower lot via a special bus instead of the mile long series of escalators. First up was the Transformers Ride, then some lunch of a lovely turkey and salad sandwich (so glad America is finally seeing that healthy food is needed as well at these places) before the ladies set off to have a couple of turns on the Mummy ride and then the Jurassic Park ride. They were all somewhat drenched but the weather was absolutely beautiful and to be wet was a bonus. Gave them all a chance to cool off. Me, I enjoyed people watching in the shade yet again. Some funny moments during the day involving me and my scooter driving ability but it was a lot better when I turned it down to turtle mode and you did not take off at 10mph. Crowds getting heavy by late afternoon and it was getting harder to maneuver through the crowds. People are just oblivious to what is around them and the horn on the damned thing is pathetic. Gonna buy myself a bicycle horn or something that can actually be heard. At one point on the way out, one girl just walked straight into the stationary scooter!! Just after that we came across a Chinese guy who was so intent on taking photos of his daughter posing in different positions before Despicable Me 2 characters and did not respond to numerous “excuse me’s” that Meg just went up to him and virtually picked him up by the shoulders and moved him aside!!!!!! He did look a little stunned but she had just about had enough of the crowds and people just not watching where they were going.

Finally at 6pm we decided enough was enough for the day, although we could fit in a quick shopping trip to Walmart to get a new SD card for my camera. Unfortunately, mine got an error again at the same number of photos as in Hiroshima when I first used it and I could not use my camera again until I got a new card and/ort managed to download a program tonight on the computer to recover the photos and format the old car.

Did an hour or so wandering around Walmart (forget the suburb) then had a Subway for dinner before I realized I had forgotten the SD card that we actually came for!!!! Typical me.

Reasonably early back to the hotel where I uploaded the program I needed to restore the photos and then to sleep around 11pm. Tomorrow, touring around Hollywood.

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