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Cows are a big deal in Wisconsin.

Diorama of an early morning task on a diary farm.

Dining Room in the Hoard Home.

Butter molds

Another room in the Hoard Home

Lincoln Library

Water ski show photos

Skiing on bare feet


A McCoy on the stage of the water show


Water ski photos




This is Lulu


The grand finale

After traveling slowly around the country for the past 7 years in an RV, I'm convinced that you can entertain yourself just about anywhere with interesting things to do if you are open to learning about an area and enjoy history, nature or sports.

We had two nice experiences yesterday. The first one was a visit to the Hoard Museum in Fort Atkinson. This small museum had attractive exhibits about the area. We first saw the dairy exhibits. There were large dioramas with narrative that told the story of the family farms. This is changing now as the family farms in this area seemto grow corn and soy beans and do not have milk cows.

We also walked through a walk through the Hoard Home. One man in the family was a governor of Wisconsin. There was also an exhibit about the ancient Indian mounds in this area and a Lincoln Library. We enjoyed our 90 minute stop and I got motivated by all the talk of dairy products that I suggested we find a soft serve ice cream spot for a treat. It didn't take long to find a place and we were shocked that the prices were $1 for a small cone, $1.60 for a medium cone and $1.90 for a large!

The second good experience was attending a free water ski show by a group called the Rock Aqua Jays in Janesville. It turns out that this group just won the national championship. They used a theme of the Hatfields and McCoys. The group was made up of young people who were very talented and seemed to love what they were doing. I was impressed by the way they could waterski on their bare feet. The pyramids that they created were spectacular. It was a fun evening.

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