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new steed

I've been very lucky for the past four years to have avoided any significant rain. We had a rain day last year where the clip-on fenders were put to the test. They worked pretty good but did not offer the protection like full fenders do. I figure I'm due to get wet and the maritimes are a likely place for it to happen.

The hills are steeper in the maritimes than the rest of the country so I've been looking to install lower gearing to save these old knees from too much strain.

A tour of the Arctic is on the horizon as well. There is about 800 km of gravel road on that trip that require fat tires to ride it.

With all of this in mind it was time to get a bike more suited for the intended travel.

There weren't many stock bikes available that met all of the criteria but the Specialized TriCross comes close. It even comes with disc brakes which made the decision easy.

I was able to increase the gear range by changing the stock 12-32 cassette with a 12-36. This should give enough range to get up all of the hills on the Cabot Trail without having to walk - we'll see.

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