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Rub the donkey's legs with both hands and make a wish.

If you only use one hand it is said it is like...










Out of control IKEA breakfast.


ANG: Today we did our own walking tour of Bremen. It is a town with some very interesting architecture, though much of it has been reconstructed after being destroyed in WWII. Lots of very cute little streets with artisan type shops. Josh bought a cardboard model of The Globe Theatre, which I have since lost:( We had a nice lunch of local fair in an atmospheric restaurant, and then...

We saw dead people! In a crypt underneath the cathedral was an area displaying the mummified remains of 8 people, including soldiers and ladies. It was very strange to look on a face and be able to make out the features, knowing the person had died around 200-300 years ago. I am not sure how they preserved the bodies without wrapping them, nor how they were transported once discovered. In the museum they also had clothes belonging to cardinals who had been buried there and discovered a few years ago - amazingly preserved.

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