Rourke Peru Trip 2013 travel blog

This little boy was so cute with his baby Llama.

Hmmm, I think this is the bathroom.

The highest outhouse in Peru, 16,200 ft.

How bad do I have to go?

Twigs and leaves in a cup. This tea helps with the altitude....

These kids were on the side of the road selling their goods.


This was our bed warmer. It was a wine bottle filled with...

We left Arequipa and headed to the Colca Valley. It was a long bus ride and we had several stops along the way for breaks. The pass that we went over was 16,200 ft. at the highest point. We had the option to use the "out house" at the top of the pass. It was really just a hole in the ground. It wasn't too pleasant and it was cold! Hey, when you gotta go you gotta go.

So far, all of the people we have met have been very friendly. It is fascinating to see how the people live with so little but seem very content.

We ended our day in a tiny little town of Chivay. Our hotel was really cool. We had little cabins. When we got back to our room after dinner we found hot water bottles (wine bottles filled with hot water in little fleece bags) in our beds to warm them. It worked really well.

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