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On the way to Fishguard, Wales we stopped at a mountain bike park and took a spin. The park was located in a forested area which is not too common in Wales. Over the centuries most of Wales has had it's forests chopped down. There is a movement to restore some forested land but it will take a long time. Unlike the USA there is very little public land here.

Our campsite was absolutely lovely (as the English say). We were camped high upon a cliff overlooking the Irish Sea. The coastline looks a lot like Northern California and Oregon coasts. Very rugged, high cliffs, rock arches along the shore.

We are now in line waiting for the ferry to arrive to sail to Ireland. It is about a 3 1/2 hour ferry ride. It is a nice sunny day so it should be a good trip. Farewell to the United Kingdom until we return on our way back from Ireland.

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