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We've had some warm, sunny days here and no rain since last Thursday. Knowing that Salt Springs is still in their hot & humid mode, we're glad for the cool evenings and crisp mornings as we sit and have our first cup of coffee.

Yesterday we spent time with Rich's childhood friend and his wife. They met us on their front porch with large smiles, big hugs, and optimistic outlooks. It was wonderful to sit and chat with them again. Their world, however, is limited by their mobility and health problems; however, they don't let it get them down and chatter happily about their family and adventures of living in their remote home during the heavy snow of winter. Apparantly there were two weeks last winter when they couldn't even get out their door, never mind out of their driveway! This area is gets record amounts of snow each year...the kind that makes news in Florida! Their family wants them to move closer to town, given their need for doctors and (possible) hospital visits, but they hesitate to loose their independence. I can't think of them without thanking God for the carefree, gypsy life we have now. It's so easy to take our freedom to travel for granted isn't it? I'm glad we went to see them - for many reasons.

Now we are researching the internet and trying to plan our travels south. Tomorrow we'll move down to see Gary & Penny and their camp....can't wait to see it in person! Looks like rain but don't think that will hamper a good time there.

Sorry no pics today....I'll have some for you next time. Til then, be safe and well.

Hugs, C&R

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