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Our campsite at Drummer Boy CG.

Our welcome.

This was on a battlefield next to the information Center.

This is the arch entering Military Cemetary. It is in the picture...

One of some 20 or more officers of the battles.

Battlefield and officer monumentss.

Entrance to Gettysburg National Cemetary

New York Monument. Each state that was involved has at least 1...

Just one small section of many unknown solders that died on the...

Military National Monument marking the spot of the Gettysburg Address ..

Abraham Lincoln Memorial.

Monument at the first battle of Gettysburg, with eternal flame.

The first battlefield.

Downtown Gettysburg from the battlefield.

Top of the hill of the deciding battle of Gettysburg.

Battlefield below.

Statue of General Meade of the Union forces.

Tuesday, 8/6

We drove 155 miles through on and off rain to Gettysburg. The rain stop as we checked into our campsite and set up. Then it started again, so we decided to stay close to home for the rest of the day.


When you hear 'Gettysburg' the first thing you think of is Lincoln's 2 minute speech. The Gettysburg Address was given 4 months after the actual battle and after the fallen soldiers were removed from the fields and placed in proper graves.

There are 34 sq. miles of battlefields here. We took a 2 hour tour and are glad we did. Our guide was great and placed us on the site and explained what was happening from both sides. We would never have gotten the perspective we did by doing a driving tour or just reading brochures. We could have taken a thousand pictures and never been able to remember or explain. Most of our day was rainy or misty, thus making picture taking hard. If you would like to see some of what we saw, use the link below or just Google... Gettysburg National Cemetery. Our guide said that if you wanted to see and read every monument around Gettysburg, it would take you approximately 3 years.

We made it back to the motorhome in time to watch severe weather warnings on TV. It took a while to reach us but we had lots of thunderstorms and rain through the night.

Thursday, 8/8

Today we went to the Lincoln Train Museum and The Gettysburg Battles Dioarama. The museum takes you to the dedication of the cemetery and Lincoln's train taking him to Illinois for burial. The Diorama is a scaled version of the entire battlefield. There is a narration of each battle. As it is being narrated you are traveling over the battlefields using lights and sound. It make you feel like you are right there. We enjoyed it.

We stopped for lunch at a place called "Friendly's". Kind of a 50's diner. What we didn't know was that we got a free Sunday with our meal. Couldn't refuse something 'free' especially an Ice Cream Sunday!

Again.......more rain this evening.

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