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Tracker Organ Concert

Lecture by a career diplomat at the Hall of Philosophy

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Tracker Organ Concert

There are so many things to do at Chautauqua Institution that it is kind of overwhelming. We are picking out 2-3 things each day. We have attended several concerts, Sunday ecumenical worship service and three lectures.

Each day we bicycle 2.5 miles from our campground to the grounds of Chautauqua Institution, buy our tickets for the day and then bicycle around the campus to the various venues for our events. On Sunday all activities are free but the other daystickets are $20 for a half day and $33 per person for a whole day.

The theme for this week is Diplomacy and we have heard three speakers of national reputation speak on the role of diplomacy by the United States in our world. It's been pretty interesting but to be honest we are not interested in going from one lecture to another which one can do. Those days are long gone!

We had lunch on Sunday at a diner on the grounds and brought our lunch on Monday and Tuesday. It's worked out really well. I've also enjoyed riding around on our my bicycle. The folding bikes are turning out to be a good purchase.

I have a video on this entry. It is made at a tracker organ concert. A volunteer can be seen in a white shirt on the right of the organ. He has to pump air into the organ to make the sound by cranking a level on the right. The organist says, "I'm almost done" when the piece is almost over.

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