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Thargomindah to Quilpie


Fellow traveller on narrow road

Trouble ahead

Might has right!


Long narrow road

Lunch at Eromanga

Interesting claim to fame

Long day ahead today, left just before 9am. Warm and sunny with not a cloud in the sky.

The road today wasnt made for easy travelling. A single lane for most of the 400klms, meaning that someone had to move off to the side when another vehicle approached. As most of these vehicles were three trailer road trains, we thought it wise to be the first to move.

A lot of cattle, predominately Brahman's (large white beasts), dead kangaroos with huge eagles feasting on their remains, and numerous emus.

We stopped off for lunch at the only town on the route, Eromanga. A sign told us that this town is "The furthest town from the sea" They have a very nice little park, very clean toilet block and shady trees. Again, a fellow traveller stopped to give us advise about where to stay and what to see when we arrived at Quilpie.

After a refreshing break, we again tackled the narrow road to Quilpie.

We were both conscious of the crazy Emus,who are know to dash out without much notice, but one silly emu took us by surprise.

He (must have been a he!) just ran out from behind a bush beside the road, straight into our car. Couldnt do a thing to stop hitting him, and when we found a safe spot to pull over we checked the damage(to the car not the emu!) Apart from bits of emu all over the windscreen, we have 2 broken fog lights, a broken headlight, and a bullbar pushed back onto the body of the car.

Country people again came to the rescue, and welders at the local engineering works, managed to winch the bull bar away from the body of the Pajero. I was advised to move from the passenger seat in case they activated the airbag. Alan had to persuade them to take money for the job they had done.

The headlight will need to be repaired at Charleville.

Big exciting day today so early night for us, and we will explore Quilpie tomorrow.

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