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Range of colors with dyestuff

Rice starch brush made of pig hair and bamboo

Carving on loom frame

Indigo dyeing

Lac extraction

Cricket on a stick

Roasted frog

Khmer style loom on back of Lao frame loom

Due to the roads flooding we went to the Laha workshop instead. They brought the cotton group and music group to the workshop. Beautiful setting, glad the road was flooded. Wonderful colorful range of colors laid out WITH dyestuff WITH names and WITH samples of the raw material. Great photo. Will match this up with my Lao dyebooks at home.

Great dyehouse and equipment. The indigo pots were lined up with workers plunging and pulling skeins in and out of the dyepots. Not how I learned how to do it. Bought fabulous cotton shawl of varigated cotton and good mud mi skirt with unusual log cabin skirt border. Want to try and find this loom to see how woven.

Drove on to Ban Sa Pon and Ban Xi Phain. As we went we stopped at roadside markets and checked out the food. Flooding evident in this area. If you had a low rice field or house it was a bad season. Area supposedly famous for mud mee and skirt borders but store was disappointing and no looms were warped. Walked thru mud and flood water trying to find loom but just not there.....

Drove on to Pakse for overnight stay in Champa Residence

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