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The destination.

Driveway to the Fort.

Entrance. Sorry our lense cover forgets to open sometimes.

Lake Champlain from the Fort.

Tourist getting ready to fire a cannon.

Different cannons. There were 70 throughout the fort.

Entrance to the second wall of defense.

Inside the main part of the fort.


more barricks

Drum & Rife . The man at the top of the picture...

Entrance to where they stored the gunpowder.

Bridge to Vermont.

What, no Gophie? He's been so busy lately.

Place known as Chimney Point.


Explanation of Chimney Point.

We walked up the bridge. We were not alone.

The lighthouse.

Looking south at Lake Champlain

Looking north.

Decided to go to the town of Ticonderoga. It was Sunday and most of the town seemed to be shut down and very similar to the other 20 or so towns we drove through yesterday. So we decided to go out to the historically famous Fort Ticonderoga. Larry has been reading a series of books on the history in the area and was fascinated with all of it. The fort has been refurbished, but the original base is still there.

When we left the fort it was time for a late lunch. We decided to drive to another piece of history, and find some lunch on the way. The newly constructed bridge to Vermont over a narrow portion of Lake Champlain at a place called Chimney point. After going over to the Vermont side, we walked back up to the center of the bridge for some pictures. With that done we continued into Vermont and found a good old home cooking restaurant called none other than The Bridge Restaurant. Then it was time to return to our hideout in the forest.

Tomorrow Lake George.

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