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Got moving earlier today, our last day in this region . We decided to spend it in Germany .

When we were here 15 years ago we went to Rothenburg odt- the walled Christmas town. We loved it and thought Sarah might too. It is about 2 hours from our hotel and as the day goes on the weather there is not suppose to be nice. So we got our selves up and out by 9. Wahoo!!

We then will go to Waldorf where we lived and then back to Heidelberg for dinner at Da Claudia 's Italian restaurant .

We don't want to be back too late so that we will have time to pack and get organized. I need to map out our trip for tomorrow to PARIS!!! Ooolala

Sarah asked if we could stop in Dijon and Troyes on our way to Paris.

The weather in Rothenburg ended up being nice , not a cloud in the sky . The town was as we remembered it. The town is surrounded by a 12 th century protective wall with a walk way and look out windows. The houses are similar in architecture as the Alsace region with the timbers but not as brilliant in color . Still beautiful flowers . Lots of tourists and shops. I did make a purchase, but not for me but for some adorable little boys I know.

There are several Christmas shops and it is suppose to be amazing at Christmas . I can just imagine.

Before leaving we stopped for a cool drink. Steve and I both asked for an ice coffee. We watched as he made it and chuckled. Cup of coffee, scoop of vanilla ice cream, dollop of whip cream and a wafer cookie. An unexpected treat. Yum

Waldorf- well we truly walked down memory lane. Passed by SAP cooperate and into town. Took the route back into town that I would take after dropping Steve off at work. We drove through town in search of our apartment. No luck so we parked at the haupstrasse ( Main Street ). Walked around a bit, got our bearings and found our apartment!!! Also found the bakery and butcher I went to every day for 2 months. Surreal to think it was 15 1/2 years ago.

We decided to revisit Heidelberg and to go to Da Claudia's our favorite Italian restaurant for dinner. We had an amazing leisurely dinner. It was just as fantastic as we remember only this time Sarah could enjoy the meal with us. Surprisingly it is the same adorable couple who own and operate it.

All and all a great day filled with lots of memories. ☺

Now to pack and get ready for our next leg of our trip to Paris!!

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