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Day 6

Long days so the "kids " like to sleep in. I actually didn't get up until 8 which is late for me. Sarah and Steve got moving after 9. Oh well it is vacation. By the time we got on the road it is 1100.

We are on our way to Orschwiller, France where the Haut-koenigsbourg 12 century castle is, in the Alsace region. Suppose to be beautiful, 700 meters above sea level. From where we park we need to walk s300meters up to get to the castle. I guess it is another training walk day.

The castle was amazing in the fact that it was so large and intricate and was built in the 12 th century . Amazing that it lasted and the manual labor that it took to build this structure. It was reconstructed 1901-1908.

We found a little courtyard in the castle and had our picnic lunch of cheese, breads and meats(no wine, saving that for some tastings later).

We had a thunder storm while at the castle. Did not stop us from continuing our adventure. What was a bit freaky was how loud the thunder sounded up at the castle. We felt like we could touch the sky.

After the castle we stopped at a winery in Orschwiller, which was at the base of the castle.

Les fairieres winery. Yummy 2007 Riesling and 2009 Gew├╝rztraminer .

The lovely young girl recommended going to Ribeauville, France a towne 11 km away. A lot to see and sits between vineyards. Wine tasting at Louis Sipps. Loved their 2008 Riesling .

The town lived up to our expectations. Quaint, yet lots to see. Went off the beaten path while walking and found ourselves climbing up a hill alongside a vineyard. Very cool.

While there in this town we had to sample a bretzel, en glassee, and a real macaroone. Yummy

Hoping to find Bouxwiller another small towne but with a restaurant recommended by Joe Sheridan who was there 2 years ago. The restaurant is LaPetite Alsace. Well thunder and lightening storm and all we found the restaurant in this sleepy village. This and one other restaurant were open and little evidence of life seen and it was only 2000.

Worth the drive. All of our dinners were classic Alsacian and delicious . Thank you Joe.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful sista! Hope your day is/was great. Love ya!! Au revoir

When planning our trip we decided we didn't want to have a set itinerary. We came up with a list of places we wanted to explore and experience in both the Alsace region and Paris.

While in the Alsace region, each night we came up with a loose plan for the next day, knowing that if somethiing interested us along the way we could change it. So far it has worked well for us. We have seen and experienced a lot in the last 6 days.

We decided we love the area and would definitely return, & that we love the food and wine. The towns/villages, homes and flowers are magnificent. We also found the people to be warm, welcoming and friendly.

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