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No 1 must not have made it through the years

they forgot to say how many years of service!

the pride of the town

ok - so the towns send their No 2 trucks to parades!

Law Enforcement makes little sounds comparatively speaking


I just don't know who they are

Here we are! That's Emily

Gloria the Ranger dog

omg - a tractor!

Catskill Hudson Bank has branches around here!

Beach Lake Fire Co to the Rescue!

that's a grown-up in that stroller!

the guys from Ft Delaware!

I can't explain this either!

most business this ice cream store has had in years!

they had to turn left to face the fireworks

The National Park had a Law Enforcement car and an Interpretation Car in the parade. I walked the parade route ahead of the parade with Ingrid passing out flyers and schedules to advertise all the things the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River offers people. Then I got to watch the parade. It wasn't much different from other small town parades, but there wasn't much in the way of marching bands and civic groups in the parade. Lots of fire trucks that just had to blow their sirens between the buildings on Main Street! It was a hot, sunny day with the parade going off at 3 PM!

That night, the fireworks went off from the top of a nearby mountain and lots of people were confused as to where they would see them. This is the first year for that. In past years, they shot them off from the baseball field, but some group said they were within 80 feet of an eagle's nest, so they had to move so as not to disturb them. We don't even know if the eagles are still occupying that nest, but there you go - our national bird is to be respected! I got a kick of the number of people that climbed up to sit in chairs on the railroad tracks! They know the train schedule and weren't worried at all. I met Ingrid, Tim, and Shannon in the parking lot for Peck's where many people congregated.

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