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Ocean city view

The sun going down

We headed off to ocean city after a brekky at au Bon pain. I am loving the these restaurant/cafes have so many healthy choices in one spot, fruit salad, yoghurt, scrambled egg whites along with bakery products, cereal etc. it is very convenient.

In addition, entry to everything in dc is free. We wished we'd had time to do the zoo but we needed to move on. Yesterday we were unsure about where to go and I got chatting to a guy in yet another sports store while Brett shopped and he suggested ocean city, so here we are...heading to ocean city. It is in Maryland about 140 miles from Washington, D.C.

Yesterday George Zimmerman was acquitted of murder so it is all over the news today and there are many people unhappy about the outcome.

Dc had 12 shootings over the weekend (today is only Sunday), 2 people are dead. There were also 2 stabbings 2 streets away from us. One person interviewed on the radio said "it gets too hot and people get irritated and they start shooting each other". Glad we are out of there!

The drive to ocean city is lovely, we have passed many mariners and tiny farm houses, corn crops line the road and it is very green. Most houses have American flags out the front.

Some Interesting facts as we drive;

The Toilet bowl is full to the top of water all of the time, alleviating the need for toilet brushes

The toilets flush with a vigorous whoosh and you don't have to push the button with many, they sense when you stand up - not sure what they guys do when they don't sit.

I have only seen 2 Walmart stores in all of our travels - Karen I have not been able to get a photo in front of one yet.

Karen thanks for your fabulous Vegas info on renewing our vows. We were unable to do it as Vegas was way too hot to venture far off the strip and travelling with 2 kids doesn't make for a good renewed vow wedding night!

Most cooked breakfasts are served with chopped potato which may be fried also.

People look at you side ways when you ask if the poach eggs, we have learnt to ask for over easy otherwise they scramble them.

It is damn near impossible to buy stamps int his country, we have carried postcards since day 2 and finally managed to buy stamps in Washington, I am sure we will beat our postcards home.

Most people think we are English and don't recognise the Australian accent. Apparently I look Spanish as they keep speaking Spanish to me until I say I don't understand then they speak English.

Many Americans are amazed that we don't tip in Australia. The man who is responsible for us going to ocean city asked why, I told him Molly gets paid $11 and hour, he was shocked, he said he gets $4 less than her.

Today is the final day that you can send a telegram in the US. After 163 years of telegrams, it is all over today. Many are rushing to send one to keep as a souvenir.

In some parts of the US it is an offence not to have your headlights on when you travel.

Thongs are called flip flops

You don't have to keep left unless overtaking on roads as they exit in every direction all of the time.

The heat wave is following us 91 today and 94 tomorrow 31 to 34 degrees. Doesn't sound so bad until you are out walking in it for hours.

Single donuts at dunkin donuts are 99c


We have arrived at Ocean City, Maryland, it is very touristy. Basically a long strip of land 3 blocks wide but 200 blocks long. We checked in to the Hampton inn and have a lovely room overlooking the pool and water.

We went for a swim and a relax by the pool and have all just showered ready to go for dinner. We are considering going to the crab shack! We might try and stay here 2 nights, do the boardwalk and boutiques tomorrow and head to Lewes to catch the 90 minutes ferry to cape may. From there we will probably drive to Brick and stay our final night before the 50 mile drive to the airport at NY.

Only 3 nights left before we head home. We are missing erin and Reefy. We have been lucky to have face timed them several times and reef has grown so much and is talking a lot more. We are keen to see them.

But we don't want to cut our time short... We were going to head to richmond in Virginia but we didn't think we would have time to get there and back up to NY as well as enjoy time out of the car.

So here we are. It is a nice way to end the trip with a bit of relaxing and laying by the pool.

Will fill you in tomorrow on our crab shack dinner.

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