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Ready to leave Malibu

On the road in Malibu

We have started the journey back to Plano.

Yesterday, we left Malibu and headed across California to Kingman, Arizona. We toyed with the idea of pushing on to Flagstaff, but opted to stop when we realized it would be 7:30 or 8 pm before we reached Flagstaff. We decided there is no reason to rush home. We found a nice RV park 12 miles east of Kingman. The Blake Ranch RV Park is relatively new with full hook-ups including 50 amp service, cable TV, strong wifi, and very reasonable rates. It is close,but not too close, to a truck stop with a nice restaurant. The brochure says restaurant within walking distance...yes if you feel like walking that far after driving all day. We didn't. That's the only thing I questioned. This park is close to the west side of the Grand Canyon and fairly close to Las Vegas. For a short stay, this is a great park.

Today we drove across Arizona. We ran into a light sprinkle in Flagstaff...the first rain we had seen in two months. By the time we reached Gallup, New Mexico we were in a thunderstorm. We decided to stop again. Good thing since we are now in Mountain Time and lost an hour. We planned to cook out for dinner but by 6:30 their time it was still raining squelching the idea of cooking out. Luckily we stopped at a park that has a pavilion with barbecue.

The park we picked today had a full page ad in the Good Sam book. Sometimes that isn't necessarily as good as it looks in the ad. We lucked out this time. The USA RV Park looks like a former KOA that has been recently renovated. It has all the amenities of the last park plus a nice size gift shop and store, heated pool (there were 3 people swimming last night in 66 degree weather and a light sprinkle. Huh), a beautiful waterfall, and as I said a pavilion with a good barbecue dinner. As an added bonus there was a women on stage who serenaded us during dinner.

If I have a question with this park, it is they advertise being close to several attractions. When we got here and investigated we found that the term close is relative. Most are 75 to 100 miles away. The closest is 25 miles away. Good thing we didn't come here for the attractions.

Nevertheless we have decided to stay here an extra day, not to sightsee, but to do a thorough cleaning in air conditioning. Yes the AC is still working. We've decided to do this even though we are still at least two days out mostly because we don't like to travel on Sunday and it has to be done before we get back. So we will spend our Sunday cleaning, organizing to make pack up in Plano go faster, catching up on pictures for this blog, and hopefully watching the Ranger game on TBS. (I so miss getting to see them play.)

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