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Elfreth's alley

Elfreth's alley

Betsy's house

Betsy's grave she shares with her 3rd husband

Today I am up to date with the blog! We are currently driving 110 miles for a car part. You can imagine how impressed the girls and I are...

We checked out this morning and went to Elfreth's Alley, the oldest residential alley in the US. it is still residential today. It was a very quaint small alley with lovely houses. They were digging in one of the backyards for relics and had found many as well as foundations for where the houses used to be extended and had been knocked down.

We also visited Betsy Ross' house and grave. She is the woman who sewed the first American flag.

Brett has been on the search for a new centre console for his mustang, so here we are driving to Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania. I don't know that there is much to do there so we may not be staying there, unsure where to head next. It is raining and down to 70 degrees (21), which is a relief. It is a beautiful drive, many barns and trees, a change from the constant concrete highways.

We had lunch at a cafe in what we think was the Main Street, lunch was nice though. We then headed 10 miles out of town to JC Pony, Brett was having difficulty holding back his excitement. We arrived to the mustang shop and the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. It happened to be monthly ice cream day and they shouted ice cream for the girls. Brett was in his element, it was hilarious. We purchased the centre console and several other necessities and then were given a tour of the area where the restore mustangs. Well wasn't that a treat! I do have to admit is was interesting to see them in various stages of restoration and some fabulous colours. We dragged Brett away from JC Pony must to his despair.

We headed to Hershey, which is the town of the Hershey bar. It was a 15 minute drive from mustang heaven. We went to chocolate works and had a tour to see how the bars were made. We trialled some chocolate and hit the road, unsure where we were heading!

I thought Baltimore might be a nice spot but was unable to find any accommodation soe we didn't stop there. I tried for Washington and many places were booked out also. I managed to get a room at hotel Harrington in washington which was in the lonely planet guide. We arrived in Washington around 7.30pm and found the place easily. It was very basic, 2 beds, tiny bathroom and quite old. However we were 2 blocks from the white house and next to the mall with the museums and memorials. Excellent position.

We walked to Chinatown for dinner and had a nice meal at the Chinatown gardens, it was nice and extremely busy.

Brett's billabong suitcase broke on our travels today. Apparently it has sentimental value, I brought it for him many years ago, I don't recall! Anyway, his luggage is spilling out of the hole and we will need to go bag shopping ASAP. He is concerned that he won't get a case, I am happy I can get him a grown up bag and ditch his teen billabong roll bag.

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