Living in Bremen (Summer of 2013) travel blog

A picture before work

My ground transportation

My desk of the left. I try to find things to put...

The mixiting room where new tea combination are mixed and thought out.

The warehouse where some production and the storage of the tea. The...


Downtown Bremen not far for the office


The Weser river where we can row on calmer days otherwise its...


Masters octuplet

The red boat is the one assigned to me for the summer.

Clubs insignia


The club's bays are on the left with a restaurant/bar patio on...

Bay doors

I get up at 7am every morning, get dressed in the semi-formal work attire and have breakfast at Michael’s.

Biking is the best way to get around. From where I live, so I was able to borrow this speed daemon

My rather large desk maybe they have high hopes. Right now my job mostly consists of translating German in to French and English and calling French clients.

The mixing room where base ingredients are combined to make new teas. The aroma infused teas(which are very common AKA like all of David’s Tea's products) are on the left. They need to be stored in a seperate room from the other teas. The other tea room is similar bur larger with the "non aroma infused tea's"

The warehouse where base ingredients as well as some of their accessory products are stored.

Not far from the office is the the downtown core, I go through it to get to rowing. According to the police officer that pulled me aside im not supposed to bike through there.

We row along the Weser its really interesting but not always the calmest. We can also row in a more sheltered body of water not far away.

The red boat that has been assigned to me for the summer. Its a domestic make that I don’t recognize "BBG Bootsbau Berlin GmbH". They don’t have wing nuts here so you need to always bring a wrench to adjust the feet.


The rowing club is one of three along a short stretch of about 300m

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