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Birthday dinner

Fat Tuesday cocktail

Today was Molly's American birthday. Due to the late night last night, we accidentally slept in till 11am. I have not slept a that late for many years, we are very out of whack without eating and sleeping.

We headed to the pool for a relax and amazingly found a tree for Lil and I to lay under. Molly preferred to bake. We only stayed there for around an hour dipping in and out of the pool. We could have stayed longer but Lilli and I had a mission, birthday cake.

We left Molly by the pool and headed in search of cake and candles. I had visions of a variety of cheesecake slices and a candle.

We ended up with 12 crispy creme donuts strategically placed and no candle. 3 resorts were searched to no avail.

However, we were able to acquire crispy creme hats for party hats.

Lil and I headed back to surprise Molly with her donut cake. She was quite impressed.

After our birthday celebrations we headed to the shops between the Luxor and Mandalay Bay. Molly found one of her favourite stores Urban Outfitters, she usually shops online as there isn't one in Australia. We had a good shop, Lilli brought her 5th pair of shoes! And we headed back to get ready for birthday dinner and a show. On the way back I did purchase a Fat Tuesday Cocktail. It is a 32oz cocktail glass that you can fill with any flavour and add a test tube shot, I started with pineapple as pictured (I finished the night with peach Bellini)

We had an early dinner at Slice of Vegas, pizza, pasta, burgers, half price beer. Am loving Budweiser and Bud Light.

We went to see Criss Angel. His acclaimed series MINDFREAK is the most successful magic show in television history, resulting in more hours of magic during prime time than any other magic show ever! It continues to be viewed regularly by more than 100 million viewers per season in over 90 countries.

Angel is also the most watched magician in Internet history — a YouTube sensation. His "Walk on Water" clip has generated over 46 million views alone, and all of his clips combined have generated more than 200 million views. He has recently launched live-streamed events on his Criss Angel YouTube channel, and posts exclusive content there frequently. I am now following him on Twitter!

The show was out of this world. It was not only magic but a real theatrical production with characters. We had row 5 seats and a fabulous view. It was crazy to think how he did some of the tricks, a fantastic show.

Headed for ice cream and casino! Spent another $5, didn't win, hit our limit and went to bed!

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