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Today was Molly's Australian birthday, she turned 17. She thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

Us girls headed to the strip and Brett went to a mustang shop. Yes, a mustang shop, he came back with a handbag with a mustang pony on it, apparently it is a tool bag, I'm not so sure.

Yes mum we went to the Venetian, it was beautiful, we had a look at the gondolas and shops, we didn't have a ride as the line was massive, I was happy to just look though, we went to the forum shops at Caesars palace and saw the moving statues show, I took the girls for a walk in Caesars palace, which again resulted in us getting lost.

We had Popeye's chicken for lunch, then got ready to fly over the Grand Canyon!! We didn't just look at it, we flew in it!

We were picked up from the hotel and driven to Boulder City airport. There we flew in a helicopter to the Grand Canyon. Wow! What an amazing experience, I wouldn't have done it any other way. It was on sunset so the colours in the Canyon were amazing. We were able to fly down in a part of the canyon it was fantastic. We landed at the gift store and the girls brought a Mohave throw rug each. On the day before, there was a storm and many small fires had started around the canyon due to the lightning, it was amazing to see the fires starting new fires under us, they were fighting them with helicopters dumping water.

It would have taken about 8 hours to drive to the Canyon and back, this was a 3 hour experience which meant we didn't lose the whole day. We flew back over the strip and landed in north Vegas.

Brett was worn out so we left him behind. The girls and I went to Fremont St, this seemed to be the place to go for strippers and cocaine! It had a false ceiling over the street that made it look like day time and was full of lights, music and dancing (and strippers). We had dinner at a little diner called Da Pars bakery, the kids said they were the best milk shakes ever.

We returned to the Luxor around 11.30pm and I put the kids to bed and Brett and I went to the casino. It was half price cocktails till 1am so I was settled in! We listened to karaoke and met some local and tourist Americans, dad, you asked if the people are friendly, I would have to say most of the Americans we have met are really friendly. Brett and I made friends and laughed and drank till we got kicked out of the bar at 1, we then moved to the flight bar next door and kept on till 4 am. We had a great night, blew $7 in the slot machines, laughed till we burst and tried not to wake the kids when we got home. A great day and night!!

PS. Sorry if the photos are coming in sideways, mum said hers were. They are the right way for me, however we do look shorter and wider, not good for the figure!

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