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After a week of working around an LA heat wave, we finally have AC! I have to give my husband the credit here. If not for his persistence, we very likely would have had to go another week without it. I'll explain.

By Monday night we were very frustrated that the AC company could not confirm when or if the new unit had been shipped. Our RV repair guy, Jerry, was getting the same run-around. Stan decided to call the shipping department Tuesday morning. The receptionist there explained that a storm Thursday night had ripped off the roof of the warehouse, but she would be glad to go down there to check for us and call us back. She said they were working to keep their shipping schedule, but obviously this was a challenge. She called us back in a our 30 minutes to tell us our unit was on the floor of the warehouse and would be shipped that day. It would take 5 business days to get to CA. Probably more since there was a holiday in the middle of that. Realistically we were looking at the middle of next week when we are in Malibu. Stan didn't think he could convince Jerry to drive to Malibu to install so we would have to go back to Anaheim next Friday for the install.

Stan asked to talk to the guy in shipping. He went thru the story about after a month delay we were only on the road 5-6 weeks when the new unit went out. We explained we were in the middle of a heat wave in LA and were trying to keep our dog alive. He said the new unit was scheduled to have gone out on Monday and he was surprised to find it still on the floor on Tuesday. Hmmm. Stan pressed...considering the time schedule we were facing was there any way they could ship the unit overnight air instead by truck. Absolutely not, he says...too dangerous because of air pressure...ok,considering the trouble we are experiencing with a brand new unit that was supposed to be the best on the market could we get some compensation say an extended warranty? Did we buy the extended warranty with the first, but it would be a nice gesture if you could give us one for an extra year. He could only extend it 6 mos. Stan pushed...the extended warranty was supposed to be an extra year. He decided to talk to his manager and have her call us back. Ok.

She called. We went thru the whole story again. In the end she decided she could send it Overnight Air. It seems the problem is how rough the baggage handlers are. She could not guarantee it wouldn't be damaged. We decided to take the chance. Then Stan asked for the year's extended warranty and she agreed to that, too. Wow, my husband the negotiator.

Our gamble paid off. Jerry and another guy showed up at 7:30 this morning and had it installed and running by 10 on a holiday. Wow again. JBs RV Parts and Service in Anaheim ROCKS!

We spent the day enjoying our cool air (and making sure it continued to run). After 2 weeks of Disney fireworks, we didn't miss them. Although there must not be a fireworks ban in town because we heard them going off intermittently throughout the night. I do miss at least getting to see the network shows. We have no TV at our present location. Good wifi though.

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