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Vegas day 2, things were looking up

I hit the hotel shop and brought any drug I could get my hands on to make me feel better. I think it was lack of fresh air and lots of air conditioning with no windows, the drugs helped. Brett and I set out for Caesars Palace to return the car, took us about 90 minutes, 10 minutes to get there and 80 to find Hertz and how to get out of the hotel! It was massive.

We took the girls for a buffet brekky at More at the Luxor and headed to the North Outlet stores. We had been told by many that this was the best one to go to. As most of it was outdoors the locals told us we wouldn't survive the heat, but we did. They had water diffusers spraying water outside in the walkways to cool us down. The best buys were had at Nike. Te shopping was good but I wouldn't say it was fabulous. Again things were cheap, Nikes from $50 to $90, converses $45. Lil brought her self perfume and 3 pairs of shoes. Molly headed to Fashion show mall on her own, the bus system was easy to follow, she made it home, we were impressed! We had a little longer rather headed back also.

That night we ate at the Excalibur Hotel at Buco di Beppo which is an Italian chain of restaurants. Dishes were made for sharing. All I wanted was a meatball, it was a pound of meat and delicious, of course I shared it along with the chicken cannelloni and supreme pizza.

We took our first walk along the strip, we left it as late as we could as it was intensely hot. It was like being in sauna on a runway with the heater on. It hurt to breathe, my nostrils were burning. We didn't get too sweaty unless we were standing in the direct sun. We went to the MGM Hotel and also did the 5 floors of m and m world, my god, everything comes in m and m style, from undies to stockings to pens and handbags. Lil loved the wall of m and ms.

We walked to the Bellagio and watched a water fountain show, it was on my must see list. It was about 11pm by this time and Lil stated to feel unwell, I think it was the overdose of m and ms. Brett took her back to the Luxor while Molly and I went in search of cheap water. We found a 24 hour chemist and stocked up on water. The water here does not taste good.

We rolled in about 12am. Very late for me, but has to be done in Vegas!

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