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This morning Clair left to get the bus to Thailand and me and Vicky went on a mission to sort some things out, I got a new SIM card for my mobile and the number is at the top of my home page with the others, and also booked out bus ticket to travel over night north and then we will catch a boat across to Pulau Perhentian, these are two island off the north east coast on the Malaysian peninsular. Dr Kate my Canadian friend said they were fab and you can dive for $25 and she did her PADI's there so I know it will be ok. We also went and checked out a hostel in Chinatown which I will go and stay at when I get back down to KL again. Its 2 pounds a night for a dorm room, is in the think of things and opposite a train station and a bus station. It also has aircon, so that's a winner. It is very hot here but also very muggy, due to the pollution of being the capital city and also at this time of year they have forest fires start in Sumatra, and as it is such a poor part of Indonesia they don't have the helicopters to put them out, so they just burn. Unfortunately the smoke reaches as far as here and even further in land at KL you can feel it! I have heard from Nicola and Amanda and they are flying over from London to meet me in the middle of September and also Bin and Minkey are flying over from Sydney for the same two weeks, so I have something to look forward to! However it does mean a slight change in plans and so I might then meet some of the bad weather. But it's more than worth it and I know we will have a fantastic time!

So we leave tonight at 10pm on the night bus, then a local bus of cab and then the boat, but hope to be settled in but noon tomorrow!

While we were killing time for the bus we went shopping in Time Square Mall and found a Debenhams! After 4 months with only one swimming costume I have managed to buy 2 there!

The bus then left at 9pm.

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