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Cactus Garden on a terrace


This is our last week-end in Anaheim. LA has been freaking out over a high pressure system that is bringing hotter than normal temps. I was worried at first but frankly it hasn't been that bad. We turn off the BR AC in the morning when we get up and leave it off until mid afternoon when it starts to get really warm. Then once the sun starts to go down around 7-8 it cools to a comfortable range so we turn the AC off until bedtime. We have found activities in AC in the late afternoon and kept us from having to heat up the trailer with cooking inside.

On Friday we went to see World War Z. Not exactly my cup of tea but I will say it's the best zombie movie I've ever seen. That's not saying a whole lot since I am not a scary movie fan, but it was entertaining. We had a burger at ESPN Zone after the movie and I was excited to catch the last Hal's of the Texas Cincinnati game even though it wasn't a Friday night game on ESPN.

On Saturday, we drove to the Getty Museum on the other side of LAX. We had been told this was a must see and that was definitely correct. This was an hour drive on a Saturday but when we looked at our list for Northridge and Malibu, we decided we needed to get it in now. After we parked in their parking facility we rode the elevator to the tram boarding area. Parking was $15 but the museum is free. We had to wait a minute or two until we were allowed onto the platform to board the tram (this was more like the DART Light Rail in Dallas.) it took about 5 minutes to get to the museum at the top of the hill. The museum consists of 5-6 large buildings with courtyards, sculptures, and gardens gracing the grounds. We picked up a tour map and we were on our way. ( we could have also picked up an audio tour,but were more interested in exploring on our own rather than being stuck listening to info on each piece.

Each building was set up with paintings from an era (i.e. the 1500s or 1750-1799) on the second floor and sculptures and /or furnishings on the 1st floor. Sometimes the furnishings were set up as an example of a room in say Paris in the 1750s complete with wall treatments, lighting, etc. The last building had photographs by Ed Ruscha and a couple of Japanese photographers.

I have to say, I am not an art connoisseur, but I studied my art appreciation flash cards for UIL competition in elementary school. I know Renoir, Van Gogh, Monet, and Manet. This is so far beyond Blue Boy it's amazing. To know I will probably never go to Paris to see the Louvre and be able to see these original paintings by masters as well as artists I've never heard of but appreciate their artistry just the same was fascinating.

The view from the many terraces surrounding the buildings was spectacular. On one was a cactus garden and on another was a flower garden. We thought it would be nice to eat with LA at our feet so we checked out the cafe (it was closed) and the restaurant (too pricey) at the Getty. Instead we decided to find a place to eat close by. We found Sunset Blvd and drove past UCLA, Bel Air, Beverly Hills and finally through West Hollywood. There seemed to be plenty of clubs along this way since there were several long lines waiting to get in, but we weren't finding restaurants. When we did find someplace we recognized (Denny's or IHOP) we either couldn't get to it or we didn't like the looks of the surrounding area. We ended up on the 101 which was totally backed up with what we finally realized was LA Dodger traffic. Once we were past the stadium the traffic opened and we no problem back to Anaheim. We remembered Tony Roma's Rib place across the street from Disneyland. We haven't had Tony Roma's in years and it didn't disappoint.

Tomorrow we leave for Northridge which is close to Burbank. The day before we leave we like to spend getting things ready for the move ( cleaning, washing, storing things for travel). I wasn't looking forward to the predicted 98 degrees today but was pleasantly surprised when it clouded up and kept the temps cool with a decent breeze until about 5 in the afternoon. We had leftovers in the frig which I heated up in the microwave solving the cooking issue.

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