Terry, Doug & Roxie's Canadian Maritime Trip 2013 travel blog

Last night it rained very hard most of the night. We took off at 8 AM this morning because it is one of our longer travel days, traveling 288 miles. It has warmed up to the low 70s but the cross winds are something wicked. It rained most of the way. Sometimes clearing up, the sun would start to come out and then it would cloud up and rain harder. We stopped at a shopping plaza for a break in Antigonish. Uncle Jim, Doug and I went to Justamere Cafe' and Bistro for breakfast. We all had a wonderful waffle with fresh fruit and whip cream. As we continued down the road, Doug and I were commenting that we haven't seen any police on the roads. Just as we said that, we saw a Canadian Royal Police pull over a car in the other lane.

As we traveled on Route 102, about 60 miles from Peggy's Cove, there was a sign that we were half way to the North Pole and the Equator.

Adlai & Irene Pittman have been having problems with their coach. As we were driving in the pouring rain, his one windshield wiper on the driver side came off. He couldn't fix it so he took the passenger wiper off and put it on the driver's side. Went down the road and that one broke off. He had to go the last 30 miles into the campground with no wipers.

As we got closer to the campground, the rain came down harder and just about the time we got into our site it was pouring. Some of our motorhomes put deep groves in the lawn. Both Buz and Pam Howland and Clarence and Sandy Pittman got stuck so bad that a tow truck needed to be called to tow them out. After most of us got in, the rain did stop but it was very grey. We are right down by the water. It will be nice when the sun comes out but we will have to wait until tomorrow because about 9 PM it started pouring again.

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