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Puffin Express of Bird Island Tours



Gray Seals



Captain of Puffin Express

Today at 1:30 PM we took the Bird Island Boat Tours out to see many seabirds including hundreds of Puffins and a dozen Bald Eagles. We saw a rarely seen bird called the Northern Gannet which is a very large white bird with a yellow head, black tips on the wings. He dives straight down into the water to get fish. All together we saw 10 different species of seabirds. There were grey seals floating out in the water right near the boat by the islands. The captain of this boat tour is from a family of Dutch seamen and he has been operating this tour for 40 years. It was an excellent mixture of information, legend and stories about the area. The captain surely looked the part and kind of made us feel like we were on a discovery channel episode.

The boat tour was about 3 hours long. After we finished, we went to the Seal Island Restaurant and had a wonderful meal on Yankee RV. Rod had three local musicians come in and play music while we were there.

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