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We took a very scenic drive up I17 to Camp Navajo. The altitude in Phoenix is about 1000 ft and the temperature was 108 as we drove out at 10 AM. We are at 7000' now, some cloud cover, comfortable enough to sit outside on the picnic table. We are in a camp type environment but have W&E and are in an open area with pine trees all around us. This was an ammunition depot established in 1942, had a POW camp here during the war. It is now used by various agencies and all military branches for training.. Much of the area is off limits due to unexploded ordnance from WWII. It should be 50 degrees in the morning. There is a Pilot truck stop and a Camping World just across from us. What a change in scenery and weather. Life is better now. There are hiking trails all over this base, National Guard training village is set up across from the campground. Troops left this AM and another group will be here next week, Ray won't see them so no flashbacks. It is dry, Arizona is in a 7 year drought. If we use the grill we will need to get a permit from the fire department stating we have a shovel and fire extinguisher. NOAA has a facility at this base and there is a fire dept., that's about all. Just peace and quiet. The campground is about 2/3 full and sites are well spaced out - this is a wonderful respite from Phoenix.

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