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View from the castle

Today we headed west to drive part of the Deutsche Weinstrasse. We started at the small town of Annweiler specifically because our guide book had recommended visiting Burg Trifels a restored Salian fortress high above the town.

This was excellent recommendation as just driving to the castle car park up a steep winding road through thick forest was lovely. Walking up to the castle was a good steep 15 minutes climb but the views of the surrounding wooded hills from the castle parapets were stunning. The imperial crown jewels (replicas on display now) of the Palatine Kings were originally stored at the castle and Richard the Lionheart was held prisoner here in 1193.

After lunch we followed the Deutsche Weinstrasse through some picturesque wine-growing villages, passing numerous vineyards and on the hills above a number of ruined or restored castles. Sometimes it was difficult to follow the Weinstrasse signs as they were few and far apart. We stopped and explored Deidesheim a charming little village. The afternoon treat of a wonderful, lemon, almond and meringue cake at the cafe of the hotel on square just finished the day off nicely.

We returned the quick route back to base. Well it was suppose to be the quick route. We queued on the Autobahn, only moving forward very slowly. Not far from our junction we started to move once we passed an accident on the opposite carriageway. The accident was a truck carrying potatoes on its side over all three lanes of the opposite carriageway. It looked by the people out of their cars that it had happened quite a while before and the police were starting to get cars turned round so they could exit the autobahn behind them. Some people were going to have a long journey home!

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