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Hi everyone, we have arrived in LA.

Trip went well, only 13 hours on the plane. Cannot imagine how people do longer, or travel with babies. Mum I didn't drink, but some idiot in front did!! Lost count of his drinks at 8. They cut him off soon after. All we did on the plane was eat... Beef ragu, pasta, chicken salad all with mousse and salted caramel dessert then potato and rosemary pizza sub then mango Weiss ice cream then muesli bar then fruit (was too full, couldn't eat my apple). Breakfast was baked beans, bacon and eggs, fruit salad, Turkish roll. We entertained ourselves with many movies and games in our personal qantas entertainment system.

We travelled 11670 kms and it got down to -50 degrees outside.

Arrived safely with nothing major to report, except lack of sleep. Very quick through customs. Interesting to see American flags and president's face everywhere, very patriotic.

Caught shuttle to Orange County (missed first shuttle, had to wait an hour, in this time consumed first American latte, it was big) surprised about the bleakness of LA, houses seemed the same colour, not much greenery and hardly any advertising or billboards (apparently it is because it is so expensive to advertise this way).

Arrived in Anaheim/Orange County and found it lush and green. It was about 40 mins from airport and beautiful. Passed many gorgeous palm trees as well as pine trees, which surprised us. By this time it was 10am LA time, thankfully we could check in to our room and despite the excitement we decided to have a nap as we had been going for 29 hours by this stage. We napped for 2 hours then felt our eyes were burning less so we were able to hit the town...

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