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Our original plan today was to visit the Farmers Market in downtown Anaheim. Instead of going in the morning, we waited until early afternoon when then was becoming overwhelming. By then there were still several booths open tat not only had fruits and vegetables but others with dresses, jewelry, etc. not exactly the arts and crafts I expected but a a nice assortment. We had read there were also permanent shops but these did not really prove to be appealing to me. After shopping for a while, we bought a half flat of nice looking strawberries. I hope they are as good as the ones we bought in Temecula. Those were awesome.

Once we had the strawberries stashed in the frig at the trailer we decided to hunt out a mall where we would be in AC and could shop or just walk around. After some negotiating( there are no real frontage roads so just because you see a store or whatever from the highway, it doesn't mean you can get to it easily) we were able to enter a mall with a Penneys and a Macy's inside. Once inside we discovered a discount movie theater. The next showing of anything we wanted to see wasn't for 3hours so it didn't work for us today, but we made a mental note that this was a possibility sometime this weekend.

We decided we were hungry for Mexican food and rather than drive around taking our chances we went back to Downtown Disney. We ate at Tortilla Jo's which was very good.

When we returned we found our experiment to get as much cooled as possible with the bedroom AC was working. Before we left we closed the sliding doors to the living room. This meant the bedroom AC only had to cool the bedroom and the kitchen. And it worked! With the temp outside reaching upper 80s, the kitchen and bedroom are very comfortable. I might even be able to cook something on the stove tomorrow without suffocating. Of course watching TV in the living room is not going to least not before the sun goes down. But we are adapting and surviving!

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