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Ben Lomond station, a nice project for a railway modeler...

Hard Place Tram Terminus, highest in Australia...

Well, I’m still up there with there great agent provocateurs of all time. Talk about throw a fox into the hen house..... One reader suggested I should check my spelling of the word “Coop” but it was in reality a cryptic clue as to the goings on back home, they were all running around like headless chooks who had got out of their coop. Yet another suggested I should “get out more” and I would have thought he of all people would have recognised the farce developing in Canberra as the final missing act of one of G&S' works. Gilbert, who wrote the words, created fanciful "topsy-turvy" worlds for these operas where each absurdity is taken to its logical conclusion—fairies rub elbows with British lords, flirting is a capital offence, gondoliers ascend to the monarchy and pirates turn out to be noblemen who have gone wrong. Sullivan, six years Gilbert's junior, composed the music, contributing memorable melodies that could convey both humour and pathos. Am I wrong???

Anyway, “Moving forward” (to quote a famous red headed Welsh chick) today despite the political turmoil we drove or backtracked to Inverell for a look around without the caravan behind (yes we are towing a caravan with our Kia Sorento Cdi 4X4). Its a big place now nice and neat; we were lucky it was Thursday as we scored a Pensioner Deal at the RSM Club $8.5 for fillet mignon and veg. Very nice meal too. Just to be sure we drove past Tony Windsor’s office a few times, maybe we were just going around in circles.... Found a spot for Gracie to get out for a comfort stop and then chose to drive back to GI via Ben Lomond. It was a pleasant drive, though the road was a tad “Onslow” (another cryptic clue). I stopped at Ben Lomond Railway station for a photograph. I think the last train ran through here around 1989, at nearly 4500 feet its the highest railway station in Australia, of course the highest tram terminus in Australia is “Hard Place” on the Lanyon Valley Electric Tramway.... I have to say that so that Google's tentacles will find it and someone will set that question at a trivia night and Frank Lilley won't know the answer...

Typical “New England” weather today, overcast with drizzle.... Fortunately no snow... Staying here another 2 nights; we were contemplating going to Grafton for a night before moving on to Illuka but its cheap and cold here which is preferable to expensive and wet.

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