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It has been 30 years since we have been to Disneyland. There have been a few changes, but not many. I remember standing in long lines, but I honestly believe these were longer. Glad Tuesday is not as crowded as Monday.

We stopped at the Lincoln presentation first and it was good although rather short. I think the one at Disney World is better, but that's just my opinion. I remember this being a nice way to sit down and get out of the heat. Unfortunately this morning was overcast with temps in the high 60s so the air conditioning was uncomfortable.

One of the new rides was Indiana Jones. We picked up fast passes for it because the line was almost an hour and a half. We finished off Adventureland with the Jungle Cruise after a 30 minute line. I was intrigued by the intricacy of how the line doubled back on itself several times so that you kept moving most of the time.

We decided to stop to have a late breakfast that was pretty good then stood in line for Pirates of the Caribbean because they weren't offering fast passes. What I didn't realize as I got in the last row of the boat was there was already water pooled in the corner and all along the back of the seat. When I felt the cold creeping up my back I decided it would be wise to scoot to the edge of the seat. That worked until the boat jerked to a stop at which point the pooled water splashed up my back. Bottom line(no pun intended), I was soaked to the skin and spent several hours wet, cold, and irritable. Lesson learned.

After that I really wasn't interested in standing inline for Splash Mountain or Davy Crockett's canoes so we moved on to Frontierland. Not much there...a petting zoo, a stage with a hillbilly act, a barbecue place that smelled good. We rode the riverboat 30 years ago and it was nice but we felt we were running out of time. We did stop at The Golden Horseshoe for ice cream. (This is becoming a habit I need to break soon) While there we planned our course.

We walked thru Fantasyland and realized most of the rides we wanted had long lines so we went on to Toontown. This is a new area they added. It would have been fine with our kids 30 years ago, but not especially exciting now. We had to use our Fast Pass for Indiana Jones between 3:50 and 4:50 which gave us just enough time to ride one ride in Fantasyland. We chose Peter Pan and stood in line for 30+minutes for a 5 minute ride. I've always like Peter Pan but this was awfully short.

We made our way back to Adventureland to ride Indiana Jones. Even with a Fast Pass we stood in line for 30 minutes, but it was well worth it. This was the best ride of the day. Every time you thought it must be over it turned a corner and started again. Loved it. Wished I could go again.

From here we made our way out of the park to Downtown Disney. We wanted to try the Italian restaurant we found on Friday. It was a little early (about 10 til 5) but we didn't want to waste time waiting in line. We sat on the patio where it was shaded and we could people watch. The house salad for 2 was very good, but by the time I'd had salad and bread I wasn't really hungry for the (huge 10 in.) individual pizza.

When we re-entered the park we got on the railroad and rode to Tomorrowland. The submarine voyage had a new twist - Finding Nemo. Another ride that would have been great for young kids. We walked thru Innoventions which was mostly new video games and a Dream Home that had some interesting ideas. The lines for Space Mountain and Star Tours were astronomical so we skipped them.

We made our way back to Fantasyland to do the three rides we missed before. Unfortunately, it was after 8:30 by then and they were closing Snow White, Pinocchio, and Mr. Toad until after the fireworks which we knew would go on until 9:45. We had ridden all three of these before so there was no real reason to wait around that long. Besides we're old. We were VERY tired. We slowly made our way back to Main Street. After determining that the shops there did not have the t-shirt I wanted in my size we walked back to World of Disney in Downtown Disney and with shirt in hand walked to the shuttle stop just as the fireworks started at 9:30.

We were surrounded by Disney for just under 12 hours. Considering 30 years ago we probably got there earlier and I know we stayed until well after the fireworks, I wonder how in the world we survived with our son who had just turned 6 and our daughter who was not quite 3. But then we were 30 years younger too.

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