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First time in Missouri for Ava. Gophie is excited to have the...

We are here.



Front yard.

Only 4 campsites out of some 150 occupied.Very quiet.

Game of Phase 10 in the air conditioning. Very Humid

Should we eat or play Uno? They are pretending to be drinking...

Morning guest at our campsite.

Ava riding her bike. Around around and around the campsite.

Jay following.

Grandma doing laundry. Ohhh, the Laundry.

L&C Lake with shelter built in the 1930's.

One of hundreds of pelicans on the lake. Group shot was bad.

Kids at the shore.

Diana found a 5 leaf clover.

We only drove 165 miles to Lewis and Clark State Campground which is a Missouri State Park. We have tried to stay here twice before, it was closed each time due to previous flooding. It is in the Missouri River flood plain.

It is a beautiful campground with a large lake. We were only one of four campers in the 150+ sites, nice and quiet. I guess it fills up on the weekends.

Though it was very humid, the kids didn't seem to mind much. All Braxton wanted to do was fish. He caught a 2'+ Alligator Gaar fish, said he did not like dealing with the teeth. A turtle pass by our campsite the second day and that was entertainment for a while.

Once again we did more laundry. Didn't we just do that a couple of days ago? Three kids, six loads, does not equate.

Diana found a 5 leaf clover, so we are expecting some cooler weather or free gas somewhere along the way.

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