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So Celtic, redolent of the Fawlty Towers Foyer

Excalibur, obviously someone had got the sword out of the stone

Standing Stones

A different view

Gracie, dressed in her "Black Watch" coat looks at the stones

Renown Celtic traders...

Today it was a case of “roamin in the gloamin”. It was with darkened skies and constant freezing drizzle we arrived in Glen Innes, yes all very Celtic.... It was so cold even the most intrepid Celt would have had his fur lined tartan undies on today, though its gone up to 4c now....

Despite the less than tropical conditions we will stay here 4 nights, there is a bit to see and do around here, a drive up to Tenterfield to see where Jessie, the tri colour Tenterfield Terrier's ancestors came from. Jessie is Norm's master more commonly refereed to as “Poocherooni”...

After lunch and making merry,

on a bun and glass of sherry,

We ventured out to find the local version of Stonehenge, there is a “Crofters cottage” next to it and they do a most acceptable Celtic Afternoon Tea. The fire was most welcome and the Celtic Scones were superb....

I took the advantage of the typical Celtic weather to get some shots of the stones.

Interestingly the McConnell Tartan cant be found here, maybe Irish....

Back to the town centre and got the hound of the Baskervilles a new water proof bed and Carol bought a new Brolly.... The new bed has encountered some Canine consumer resistance.....

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