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In the grips of Yogi.

Yogi up close and personal.

Saying hi to the kids.

The Ava squeeze.

Back at camp, coloring contest of Yogi.

Jay did not want to participate, so Yogi took his hat.

Swim/picnic at Natalies swim club.

Jay at the top of the slide.

Ava at the bottom of the slide.

The water logged three.

The best part, the picnic(Subway).

Photographer acting up.

Car show, can we stop?

Pappa owned one of these.

Lets go for a ride.

Scott, Braxton and Ava (riding) bring up the rear.

Jay and Great Aunt Beverly.

Natalie and Jay coming back from a hike.

The girls figured out how to blow the front of thier suits...

Natalie,Jay and Ava in Scott and Beverly's hottub.

The boys went hiking with Scott, Beverly and Natalie.

One of the minimum 5 to maximum 11trains a day.

End of train with semi below on the freeway.

Natalie and Ava went back to see Yogi.

Family Volleyball game with neice Melissa and Migue[

Spectators at the Volleyball game.

The kids went swimming and played around the campsite including a visit with Yogi Bear.

In the evening we we went to the community pool in Castle Rock for a couple hours of swimming that was open to Natalie's swim team. There was a big slide and a lazy river they could float through. I think the slide was the biggest hit! It was a fun time for the kids and great to visit and picnic pool side

On the way back to camp they spotted a car show so stopped to see them. Pappa had stories about the ones he use to own and wish he still had.

Saturday night we went to Beverly's house and had a cook out. The kids went for a hike up the hill behind her house and after dinner played in the hot tub. Natalie came home with us to have a sleep-over in the motorhome. She said 'I've never spent the night in a RV'. What's one more kid? They were wore out from the hot tub and playing it wasn't long before they were in bed asleep.

Tomorrow the boys are going hiking with Scott.

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