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you can tell its copper!


one set of many stairs (for the tourists)

an original means of getting from one level to another

a miners lunch time

tunnel. low and damp

wagon for the copper rocks

from the exit to where we started

on the walk back to Beddlegert

the Sygun Copper mine hasn't operated since around 2003. I guess there have been so many TV shows on all sorts of early mining that the appalling conditions and pay are pretty well known. So showing these photos is more a record of where I've been. Doesn't need much comment. Some you will definitely to click to screen size

Copper and Iron pyrites do NOT produce the beauty of those from limestone

my aching legs AGAIN

but better than this!

this was a self guided tour. When you got to a point you pushed a button and the commentary started. In a lot of them a figure lit up, so you got more sense of reality. Lunch room was a previously dug out part of the tunnel. they brought bracken in to sit on as the floors were always damp. if it was snowing heavily they sometimes slept in there.

Look closely, the dead part near the top is dead rhododendron bushes. looks like they may be starting to try to eliminate them before they take over the lot. The only place I didn't see them was when there was a forest.

I had gone to the mine by local bus. I walked back. Everyone assured me it wasn't far.It probably wasn't, but I started to wonder when I was going to be there. it was an interesting walk.

I was told by the person who told me about the rhododendrons that red squirrles were being ousted by he grey American squirrels. those on London and most of England are 'grey's. I think this one is red?

Talking of red. The Red Dragon is the symbol of wales, and is on everything, like our boxing kangaroo! Ive been wondering about the story. Found out today! there is a hill on a hillside opposite the mine. Legend has king Arthur and Merlin living here. Archaeologists have someone rich living there about the time of Arthur. It was here that two dragons, one red, one white were disturbed by men's digging. They had a fight. the red dragon won, and has ever since been the symbol of wales.

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