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The Royal goat

the setting

the grave in the middle of a paddock

gelerts grave

the English inscription

shop front if not flowers try carvings

an example of the usual flower display

enormous poppies

And the other common type; objects full of flowers

slate tombstones utilised as paths

ANd if youre tired, try a carved seat by the river (or...

hikers galore

or go fishing

or just play in the icy cold mountain waters

Accommodation is the Royal Goat an imposing looking building. It started life as the Beddgelert Inn built for hikers/climbers going up Mt Snowden. But with the mountain goat outside, everyone called it the Goat inn. Then Royalty stayed here, and so now its the ROYAL Goat Inn.

Mountains all around. At first I thought the mauvey hue was heather (Dont know the boundaries of where heather grows!! I think not here!)turns out its rhodendrums. They look beautiful, and are everywhere. but its a bit like Patterson's curse. look magnificent but are taking over from native vegetation.

(Gelert's grave)

The village got its name from a dog. The inscription tells the story

Beddgelert sound fine. interesting even. Gelerts grave doesn't sound such a good name for a village!?

this village won a European contest for floral villages a couple of years ago. (that's not the actual title! too much information going in. I cant hold it all!)

There are flowers in every conceivable sort of container and on walls as well the usual garden

The owners of these poppies are very proud of them but don't know how they got to be so big. They've grown them every year and this year they just got bigger! Seems anyone I've talked to who has had a relative in Australia, its more often than not been Brisbane.

The church yard and a small field next door are full of graves.

The tombstones are 99% slate ones, which seem to retain their new look for longer than the usual stone. Inscriptions are still very clear. Don't know if they ran out of room or what, but there are 4 or 5 paths of slate headstones.

I thought maybe as one of these is alongside normal path, you shouldn't walk on the headstones, but in one of these paths there are seats for taking a rest. So obviously, OK to walk and have a seat on the headstones!

in other places the paths are normal, but the seats always have that bit extra.

What to do in a little remote village? Other than having a try of their award winning ice-cream, and poking your head into other shops.

These are teens off for a trek, but there was a fairly constant exodus of every age.

There are other options! Not sure I'd like the falling into the water.

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