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looking down mountainside

the track ahead

mountains to the left

mountains to the right

mountains all around

at the top station

victory! I made it up the last stretch to the summit

at the top

and me again

from the top over the edge

over the side

glacial rock

Off to the main reason for coming here. The steam train ride up Mt Snowdon (in the Snowdonia national park (that’s sorted out!)

The little engine pushes the one carriage up the mountain and precedes it back down (holding carriage back).

The noise of the ratchet often overrode the usual chuff chuff train noise, but in really steep sections the chuffing really gets going. A one hour amazing trip. and one hour down again

Fantastic scenery. Oohs ahhs and jumping round to get photos.

No windows open to lean out. On the way back down no standing was allowed, as chances of falling over were greater!

From the train stop it was walk (climb?) to the top.

Steps have been cut into the mountain. As always climbing upwards whether staircase or a very steep hill, is exhausting. I kept looking at the top and people on it, thinking its not far..dont give up now.

But breathing was getting a bit laboured. Mind you a height of **** possibly affects the oxygen too?? When I finally made it was exhilarating.

I was in awe of those many people who had walked all the way (this is not the side mountain climbers go up. But a steep climb nevertheless.)

Going back was a little less oohs and ahhs, somehow having been to the top, lower wasn't quite so amazing! and of course we couldn't stand up. But there were still all the white sheep, losing their coats. Somehow I cant get used to the idea of sheep 'self shearing'. Is this bred in/ or does this breed naturally shed their wool? Either way it looks messy as they run with bits of wool streaming our behind. And collecting the bits in this terrain would be extremely difficult.

Not only did I not get photos of the sheep, I don't think there are many with the rock 'hedges' in them either

I would do it again, but the steam train has to be booked ahead. A diesel engine does the trip as well also needs booking but more available. That isn’t half as exciting; no smoke, no steam and no chuff chuff!

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