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I have one thing to say about driving on LA highways...TRAFFIC!!!! A 50 min. drive takes 90 min. In the middle of the day! There were no wrecks and no lane closures. Unbelievable!

Today we dared to venture to Burbank because we had tickets for the VIP Tour at Warner Bros. Studio. We purposely scheduled the tour for afternoon so we wouldn't hit morning traffic. Luckily we decided to leave early so we had time to find parking, etc. It was a good thing we left extra time. The instructions said to check in 20 min. Early. We barely made it, because of traffic.

We chose the Warner Bros. tour because they made many of our favorite movies (Music Man, My Fair Lady, even Argo to name a few). We are also huge West Wing and ER fans and these were listed on the website as part of what we would see on the tour. Obviously the website has not been updated for quite a while. Our young tour guide lots of information on Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars, and Big Bang Theory...especially Big Bang Theory. Now don't get me wrong. The tour was interesting and educational. We walked on the streets where many different TV shows and movies have been filmed . We were told how one structure could look like a church on one side, a high school on another and an elementary school on a third side. We learned even the bricks on a house can be peeled off and replaced with siding.

I was excited to go on a sound stage until we realized all the TV shows are on hiatus so all the sets were covered in plastic. We went on the set of Big Bang Theory. We could see there were 4-5 rooms and told how a typical week of rehearsals and taping runs. Then we went to the set of Pretty Little Liars which was also covered on sheets.

Close to the end of the tour we went thru the transportation warehouse where they had the cars from Dukes of Hazard, Get Smart, Batman (4 or 5 different movies), Scooby Doo to name a few. We also went thru part of the props warehouse and did finally see the desk from the Oval Office. It's the only thing left of the West Wing set. In another area they had one set from Friends preserved. We were invited to sit on the couch in the Coffee Shop and our guide took our picture. On our way to the museum (where we spent all of 15 minutes) we drove past the building that had the ER sound stage.

As I said the tour was interesting and educational. I'm glad we went. We were just a little disappointed because we really didn't know anything about the shows that were featured. The guide kept saying "you know in (blank) when such and such happened?" Uh no? "Well that was filmed here." Great.

We were advised to eat in Burbank to avoid rush hour going home. After dinner we headed for the freeway around 6:45. Well if that avoided rush hour I would hate to see what it's like at 5 or 5:30. It took us 80 minutes to get back to Anaheim. Stop and go traffic until about 8pm when we were close to our exit.

Since we will be moving to north LA July 1, I doubt we will be making many more side trips that direction.

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