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Black Boy Inn

the second half

The Coach house

coach house interior


fire doors

and another

Quite by accident I have great accommodation. I had three requirements: central; Wi Fi and not too expensive. (this is my upper end!)what I got is history and personality!

Built in the 1700's in the then busy port, it operated in the Red light district. The Welsh name of the Street translates as "Four and Sixpence Street" which was the price for a Sailor to get a room, a bottle of gin and the services of a woman for the night! The English name of the Street, which appears on the street signs under the welsh, is 'Northgate St". And there was I thinking that the English was a direct translation of the Welsh!

An Inn next door was combined with the original

and the name??

1. There was a black boy employed at the Inn who went to the ships to bring Sailors back.

2. A prince was called 'my little3 black boy" by his Royal mother, as he had an olive complexion

3. A large black buoy in the port ??

Take your pick! Ive put them in order of my choices!

At the back of the main building is a coach house which is the Breakfast room and function room

Breakfasts have been amazing. Following my usual travel procedure of have a big breakfast (when its part of accommodation) then a bit of fruit and another meal later in day, ive ordered the Big breakfast. This one is the vegetarian version.

No amount of thinking about my money saving plan could get me through this, delicious though it was.

The only downer about this accommodation is finding my way. There are fire doors everywhere. I haven't actually managed to exactly count them because I get side tracked deciding which way I should be going when I get to a spot where there are two or three of these things. I got out once through the fire escape, and going up I've once had to go and ask for help! Shame!

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