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Caernarfon castle empty interior

Caernarfon Castle

lots of exercise going up and down

water reservoir

waste drain

meat smoker


the best wash basin yet

businesses using wall

and from the inside

houses IN wall

even the church in on the act!

Lots to find out about in the castle in spite of a vast empty interior.

built in 1200's by Edward 1st. the castle wasn't finished as after the first ** years Edward was fighting with the Scots the Irish and the French as well as keeping the Welsh down. Money was tight! The interior..all the halls and rooms were built of timber, so they've long since disappeared

building the castles (this and a ring of others)was political, as I guess was having the queen have a baby there (later Edward 11). the guide didn't even mention this but given that the King only visited the castle twice, and for a fortnight at the longest. Wonder what the queen thought of that!!???

walking around a castle is exhausting. There may not be much inside but there are passages in all those walls, and rooms up and down. And THOSE steps!

As well as walking around, I had a guided tour. This meant learning things that weren't obvious otherwise. Like the moats, where all the waste and rubbish went. How the kitchens worked. The clever arrow slits (castle built and used before gun powder). On the outside there were 5 arrow slits in one section.

Not well defended? On the inside each slot had 3 channels going to the one slot. In addition, Archers could fire one above the other, so from the five slots, up to 45 arrows, coming from different directions could come shooting out.

from the kitchen to moat

a copper like basin sat in here; the fire underneath. It simmered away all the time. It was NEVER cleaned, just constantly topped up. No bacteria but nutritional value largely boiled away. The guide was an archaeologist. He dug up lots of medieval bodies. Most people didn't live much beyond 30 (with later puberty and early death birth rate wasn't so high!) lots of signs of osteoporosis, arthritis, rheumatism) he also commented that most of the population would have been in their teens. Which might explain some of the daft decisions made. Was he suggesting we now having older people in the majority that decisions are much more wisdom based???

not part of the original castle. And for me this was a first.

When you put your hands under a squirt of hand-wash came out. Time to give a bit of a rub, then the water came and finally the had drier turned on.

There was a time when the castle and the walls of its adjacent town were falling down and people were building with the rocks, and building against the walls of castle and old city. when the decision was made to restore rather than demolish the original the buildings against walls were supposedly knocked down. maybe only those of the poor? These weren't just built with the walls bricks or butting onto it, they're part of the wall.

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