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Well it's time to check out the casino next door. We took the free shuttle over for the buffet at lunch. I guess we hadn't really thought about how crowded it would be on Father's Day. We got there around 1 and the line was down the hall. Stan thought the line would go down if we waited so walked around exploring the games. At 2 we checked and the line was twice as long as it had been so we got in line. 35 minutes later we got a table.

The food was very good and I don't remember seeing a buffet with that many choices.

The casino is huge. After lunch we walked around trying to figure out what was what. Neither of us has ever really been to a casino so we were lost. The only thing I was tempted to try was the slot machines even though I knew the odds were against me. I decided to try the penny machines and a nickel machine. I got out $5 in ones and started playing without having a clue as what I was doing. When the 5 ones were gone I decided I'd had enough. When we looked outside we realized the wind had really picked up and since we left our awning out, we decided to call the shuttle and head back.

John came over a little later and we had a nice visit. About 8:30 he decided we needed to go to his favorite Mexican place even though we were still full from the buffet. Unfortunately the Mexican place was about to close so we went to his favorite Thai place instead. We had never had Thai food so this was another way to 'expand our horizons'. The food was different, but good. The problem was we were not hungry so even though Stan and I shared an entree, we left a lot of food on the plate.

Once again I need to thank John Heberle for a new experience and a fabulous long week-end.

The only negative about our stay in Temecula has to do with the park. Pechanga RV Resort is beautiful. The lots are wide with large concrete pads and lush green grass between each pad. What upset me was the lack of wifi and the cable tv was awful. The wifi was so weak I could only get online for very short periods. Every time I typed in an entry, I would realize the wifi had gone down...very irritating. The cable tv had only half the channels listed and the ones we had were so snowy you could barely see anything. I was really disappointed. Luckily John kept us so busy we didn't really have time to watch TV.

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