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Renzoni Tasting Room

By the vineyard

Headed to the game

Entrance to the ballpark

Great seats

Saturday we were on our own to explore more of the wine country. It was obvious the wine tours and bridal parties were in full swing with the week-end. Our first stop was South Coast Winery. It is the most developed with a hotel, spa, restaurant, gift shop, etc. We drove through on Thursday to see the landscaping, but today we decided to find out about their wine. The main tasting room was very crowded so we opted to go outside. Even there we had to work our way up to the table. We again shared a tasting. The wines were good although none were as good as what we had on Thursday. We did find a red table wine that suited our taste buds. I also found a sun hat in the gift shop. If I can find the right dress to go with it, I'll be ready for summer parties. Lol.

The second place we stopped was the Robert Renzoni Winery. This place is under construction so the tasting room is in with the barrels of wine. This one wasn't quite as crowded as South Coast, but there were probably 20-30 people in the room. We had been told Renzonis had the best Italian style wine. We didn't like all of the ones we tried...I was disappointed in the Cabernet. For something different, we tried a Moscato that was great. We had been told about the Sangiovese. They had two and the first one, the Brunello di Sangiovese just wasn't to our liking. So we asked the girl pouring what she thought we might have heard about and she gave us the regular Sangiovese. It was Fabulous.

After stopping at a roadside stall to buy a half flat of the freshest and best tasting strawberries I've ever seen, we returned to the rig to get ready to go to a baseball game with John and the grandkids. John picked us up about 4 and drove to Lake Elsinore to see a minor league game between Lake Elsinore and Lancaster. The Lake Elsinore Storm is the A team for the San Diego Padres. John belongs to the Elks Lodge in Temecula and they were doing some tailgating before the game. John cooked steaks for our crew and feasted on steak, potato salad, and brownies another member shared. It was great.

I'm sad to say the Storm didn't have a lot of punch Saturday night. The kids started to get tired so we left at the end of the 8th inning with Lancaster leading 4 - 1. I think maybe I brought the current Ranger woes with me,but apparently the Storm has been struggling all year.

This was another fun day in Temecula. By now we are beginning to think these four days will be the highlight of our trip. Thanks again, John Heberle.

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